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Thai Chicken summer roll - $6.95

Lettuce, cilantro, cucumbers, carrot, dried onions with house made peanut sauce.

Pulled Pork Dumplings - $7.95

Fried dumplings stuffed with BBQ pulled pork, jalapeno and cilantro polenta

Thai Chicken Lettuce Wrap - $7.95

Cilantro,cucumbers, bean sprout, carrots,lettuce served with peanut sauce

Crimini Mushroom Tempura - $6.95

Crimini mushrooms fried in tempura batter. Served with house-made aoili

Akaushi Beef Lettuce Wrap - $11.95

Akaushi beef in korean BBQ sauce, cilantro, cucumbers, carrots and lettuce.

Chicken Strips - $9.95

Fried chicken tenderloin served with French fries

False Calamari - $5.95

Fried pepper rings with lemon aoili

Fresh Tomato & Fresh Mozzarella - $8.95

Tomatoes,fresh mozzarella,basil with balsamic vinaigrette dressing