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Baggie H-Town Food Reviews

These guys used to be Mint Cafe, but have overhauled the restaurant and the menu, and reopened as The Burger Palace. While I'll miss the quality Mediterranean they used to serve, they cook up a darn good burger as well. Still have the hummus on the menu (because really, doesn't hummus go with everything?) Definitely worth checking out the new place, even if you were a Mint Cafe traditionalist.

Natalie M. from Houston, TX

Really impressed with service, their Kobe beef burgers were awesome! Very inexpensive and well worth the drive. This is the best place around the Houston area, very chic, trendy. I had the Napa burger, with avocado, bacon and cheese the Kobe burger and it was really juicy. The strawberry shakes are outstanding.

Sandy & Jay Lawrence from Houston, TX

We have had burgers and these were the best tasting burgers we have ever had and we know burgers.

Murray from Houston, Tx

This is one of the best burger places around Houston. I have been to several places all over the Greater Houston area. They serve Kobe Beef burgers at a very affordable price and are gourmet. Everything was really delicious, healthy and flavorful. I had the Napa Burger, big in size, very presentable and the buns were really tasty and fresh. Everything was fresh. Their shakes are really good as well. Everything was so inexpensive and I will be definitely coming back. It is worth the drive if you are not in the area.

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